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Usda Relocation Service Agreement

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The worker is not required to terminate an existing residence, or physically transfer his family, household, goods, etc., to the new geographic site in order to obtain an incentive to move. For example, the employee could keep a data set in another geographic area and reside on the new site during the work week. An employee who receives an incentive to move may establish a residence on the new geographic site in different ways, including, but not limited to, – an agency cannot enter into a moving incentive service contract during a period of service defined by the incentive contract to hire an employee or by a pre-authorized relocation incentive service contract. An agency may set up a moving incentive service contract during a period of service established by a previously approved retention incentive service contract, or a staff member receives pre-approved retention incentive payments without a service agreement. Before receiving an incentive to move, a worker must sign a written agreement to complete a certain period of employment with the Agency on the new service. The service contract must indicate the duration, start and closing date of the service period; The level of incentive The method and date of incentive payments The conditions under which an agreement is denounced by the Agency; agency or staff obligations when a service contract is terminated (including conditions under which the worker must repay an incentive or in which the Agency must make additional payments for partially underwritten benefits); and all other conditions for maintaining and maintaining an incentive to relocate. An incentive to relocate may be paid to an authorized person named in a general calendar (GS), a higher level (SL), scientific or professional (ST), senior executive service (SES), Federal Bureau of Investigation and Administration of Research Effort (FBI/DEA) SES, Executive Schedule (EX), law enforcement officer or dominant advisory position. OPM may, upon written request from the head of an executive agency, authorize other categories of coverage. An agency may provide an incentive to relocate to a current staff member who must relocate to accept a job in another geographic area if the Agency finds that the position is likely difficult to fill to fill the lack of incentive. An incentive to move can only be paid if the evaluation of staff under a formal performance evaluation or evaluation system is at least “fully successful” or equivalent. An agency must terminate a service contract when a staff member is downgraded or separated in a basic case (i.e., due to unacceptable benefits or behaviour), receives a lower to “full-successful” or equivalent emergency assessment during the service period, does not maintain residence on the new geographic site for the duration of the service contract, or does not meet the terms of the service contract for the duration of the service contract.

In such cases, the worker may withhold any payment of inducement to move attributable to the service concluded, but must repay part of the incentive that is attributable to unseeded benefits. (see 5 CFR 575.211 (h) for authorization authority.) The Agency is not required to pay the worker an unpaid incentive payment attributable to the service entered into, unless such payment was required under the terms of the moving incentive service contract. The total amount of the authorized relocation incentive must be in proportion to the length of the service period, in order to determine the amount attributable to the completed service and the unfinished service. An agency may, on a case-by-case basis, waive the authorization requirement if the worker is a member of a group of workers subject to a mobility agreement or when a larger organizational unit is transferred to a new service.

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