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Training Agreement Ontario

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Once your training contract has been registered by the ministry, the first step to becoming a member of the college`s learning class is to complete an application form for members. Click here to visit our downloadable guides and form pages. The learning is funded in part by the WDA and the LMDA. Under these agreements, MLTSD is required to collect your Social Security number to provide reports to Canada so that it can track and evaluate the EI program covered by P. 3 of the Employment Insurance Act (EIA) and track the progress of all clients participating in programs and services funded under these agreements. , the right to employment insurance, Francophone status and pre-participation in specific apprenticeship programs help develop policies and programs to support learning and better meet reporting obligations under WDA Canada-Ontario. Administration includes assessing and verifying your eligibility for learning, including your age, training and college affiliation; Signing up as an apprentice and maintaining your file; Financial support for you and your training institutions Work with you, your training institutions and your employers or sponsors to support your progress in workplace and classroom training; Running tests Issuing teaching certificates Assess, track and verify your progress and the activities of your employers, sponsors, trainers and training institutions; Canada`s Report on Learning Effectiveness, in accordance with the Canada-Ontario Labour Development Agreement (WDA) and the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA); Enforcing your agreements with the MLTSD and the legislation below; Enforcement of agreements between MLTSD and your employers, sponsors and training organizations; Conducting inspections and investigations; Fraud detection, surveillance and prevention; and conducting political analysis, evaluation and research on all aspects of EO`s programs and services, including learning. MLTSD uses this application to assess your eligibility for a registered training contract, under which you will receive training from a sponsor in a trade required as part of an apprenticeship program. With this application, you allow MLTSD to verify the information provided. Your personal data on this form and in all other communications related to learning and related programs is used by MLTSD to manage and fund Ontario learning. MLTSD collects relevant personal data directly from you and indirectly from your school board, employer, sponsor, training institute, Employment Ontario (EO) service provider, college of business of Ontario (College) and Canada for these purposes and may also share your personal data with these organizations.

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